Welcome to NAMPO 2019

AFGRI at NAMPO 2019 to talk about positive developments and new service offerings

AFGRI will be at NAMPO again this year, using the unique opportunity that Africa’s foremost agricultural event offers to showcase some of the enhancements that have taken place across the business in the past 12 months. This is a larger AFGRI than the one that was at NAMPO in 2018, and in our view, a better one. In the past year, AFGRI has grown substantially, with a wide range of financial services, products and offerings available to the agricultural sector and beyond.

The enhancements are reflected within many of our solutions, which include AFGRI Grain Management, AFGRI Equipment, UNIGRO Financial Services, Lemang Agricultural Services and more recently, AFGRI Technology Services.

Join us at NAMPO 2019 to hear more about our plans, and how we can help you, and watch this space for more information, including live updates and feedback from NAMPO and Nation in Conversation!